She has a gently commanding way with a song … she draws you in slowly until it’s a case of sweet surrender.(Folk Roots) 

"Tom's superbly judged and sensitively understated percussion and vocal harmonies proved a perfect foil to Fil's glorious singing." (David Kidman, Living Tradition)

New CD Back There  OUT NOW!!!!      

 "All things considered, this is a well packaged, nicely produced album of contemporary Irish music, and proves that Fil Campbell is still delivering competent and captivating songs" (Grem Devlin - Living Tradition)

Irish singer/songwriter  Fil Campbell (pronounced Phil) has been a part of the Irish music industry all her life.  Together with her percussionist husband Tom McFarland, they play and sing a mixture of contemporary and traditional Irish music, combined with some of Fil's own compositions, and bring their Northern Ireland to the stage.



The Emigrant Woman's Tale - Fil's show with Hungarian poet Csilla Toldy 

Songbirds - Fil's fascinating TV documentary about Irish women singers

Fil and Tom's You Tube channel 


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  • May 13

    Kulturscheune Thyrow, Restaurant Zino

    14959 Trebbin OT Thyrow

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    Fachwerkkirche in Groß Schauen

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  • May 16

    Der Seehund, Hallig Hooge

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  • May 17

    KulturForum Kiel

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  • May 18

    Der Spieker, Eckernförde

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