A very eventful December - singing with Anuna

I'm determined to get my look back at all the December happenings before January is out, so bear with me.

So after our visit to Dublin the next day my choir had a workshop and a performance scheduled with Anuna…Read more

A very eventful December - meeting the President

Arás an Uachtaráin (literally means Hall of the President) We were very excited back in October to recieve a gilt edged invitation from President Michael D Higgins' office to attend the lighting of the Christmas tree at Aras an Uachtarain…


This story made me so mad - what is wrong with this world.

It was bad enough that they put Extinction Rebellion on a watch list, but Greenpeace!!!
Read the full story from the Guardian here.

A week in creative rest

Sunshine between the showers I'm very impressed by young writers these days - whether that's on blogs, songwriters, authors - they have a great sense of honesty, openness, authenticity.  Perhaps it's our growing up in a society where it wasn't…Read more

Such a waste

We just got along the seafront before the road was closed today as Storm Brendan passed through.   This was the scene 20 minutes later ....(photo stolen from my friend Clare on Facebook)

I hope you've not been too battered where…Read more


I've been missing you all for the past while  - it's been a rollercoaster of a month.

My mother in law Dorothy passed away very suddenly early in December and left us all shocked and feeling in limbo.  She had…Read more

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you all  It's been a pleasure following along with your blogs throughout the year and I look forward to more of the same in the coming decade.   Enjoy the holidays. I've been AWOL for the past few

The Birds' Song Book

It seems like a long time since the end of July when we launched Tom's children's book at Fiddlers Green Festival back at the end of July.  Since then we've waited to promote it until we decided how to proceed…Read more

Little footballs ...

It was a relief to get out for a walk today after being laid up for nearly 2 weeks (again - yes, the third time this year ... )  and with the diary filling up with mainly choir and singing…Read more

The Emigrant Woman's Tale

An Tain Arts Centre, Dundalk, Co. Louth

Fil with Hungarian poet Csilla Toldy present a story of crossing borders, told in poetry and song. Csilla escaped from communist Hungary - her story is juxtaposed with Fil's growing up on the Irish border during the conflict. When they met, many similarities emerged. This is their story.


The Emigrant Woman's Tale/Bananas

An Cuan, Shore Road, Rostrevor, Co. Down

To celebrate International Woman's Day and supported by Peace IV, this joint production of The Emigrant Woman's Tale and Bananas (a one woman play about homelessness also written by Csilla Toldy) will give lots of room for discussion chaired by Billy Graham in the beautiful surroundings of An Cuan in Rostrevor Admission Free