Biography - Tom McFarland

“…one of the most sensitive accompanists on the folk scene” - Folk Roots

Belfast born Tom McFarland is a talented multi percussionist, singer, songwriter, backing vocalist, studio recording engineer and video editor.

Tom’s interest in percussion stretches to instruments from all over the world - in his live work he plays, among others, the bodhrán, the African Djembé, Latin American congas and bongos, the cajon, and basically anything else that can be shaken or hit. For recording, he also plays drum kit.

He has toured with his wife Fil Campbell since the early 90s and the duo built up a very loyal following right across Europe, and earned the following quote in Berlin’s Zitty Magazine – “vocals and rhythm, the basis of music”. He has also toured for a while with David Knopfler and worked on his CD “Wishbones” (David founded Dire Straits with his brother Mark); toured with Ben Sands of the world renowned Sands Family; and has guested on stage with Finbar Furey.

Tom’s recording credits also include work with the late John Wright, with Tommy Sands, Rosemary Woods, Briege Murphy, Finbar Furey, David Knopfler, Ben Sands, Nina Armstrong, Claire Roche, John Billing, Voices of Lecale Choir, Emigrant Woman's Tale, Songbirds TV shows, and Colum Sands.

Ballyneddan Studio, Tom's base, has produced recordings of songwriters, film tracks, yoga and meditation recordings, TV documentary edits, voice overs in many different languages and film edits.  

Recently adding songwriting to his list of credits, Tom has four of his own songs on the latest CD from the musical duo - his wry look at politics and life in general in Northern Ireland has produced some beautiful fun songs that add well to the repertoire of Fil and Tom ..  


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