Fil Campbell & Tom McFarland

Original contemporary folk from Ireland

“Together” is an unusual album in that it features two distinct vocalists. Fil and Tom have toured as a duo for many years and both are songwriters as well as singers. This album is a collection of work from both their pens.

The album has an overall theme of peace and reconciliation and these new songs (and one traditional piece) reflect today’s world.

From Tom’s “Birds’ Song” taking a wry look at the problems of immigration, to Fil’s “Talk About” admonishing politicians to do their job, the CD is a commentary on the people and places in Fil and Tom’s world – both musical and otherwise.

“Ring The Bell” which features local community choir Singmarra, is a tribute to a member of the choir, a fireman, who died a while back.

“Time” is a beautiful thought-provoking piece about the things we didn’t say.

“A New Song to Sing” wishes for peace and for a coming together of people While “We’ll Get There when we get There”, a very Northern Irish phrase, is another slightly humorous commentary on the political process in this corner of the world.

“Peace in Erin” was written back in the 1830s by a hedge schoolmaster and is as pertinent today as when it was written

And “Island Love” tells the true story of a couple who once lived on the island of Hallig Hooge off the coast of Germany, a place where Fil and Tom play a concert every year.

“Until We Meet Again” is a song for joining in on, a nod of thanks to the people we meet on the road, who sing along with us at concerts and who cheer us on from afar with their voices and their music.

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