Beautiful May 

"I Still Think of You Sometimes, when bluebells ring, and small birds find their voices earlier each day and Summer starts in May".


These are such strange times we're living in - just sending you a quick…

Lovely review of the Emigrant Woman's Tale

I love this photo taken after our first performance of The (revived) Emigrant Woman's Tale in Dundalk's Tain Theatre at the start of February. 


"The Emigrant Woman was fantastic. We saw it in Dundalk & we thought it was amazing.

Border Stories

Looking forward to three performances of Border Stories next month - an extended version of The Emigrant Woman's Tale and including a short one woman play about homelessness, called Bananas!.   The shows are supported by the European Union's PEACE IV…

The Emigrant Woman's Tale Spring Dates

With an updated version of the show first presented in 2015, Fil with Hungarian poet Csilla Toldy are bringing The Emigrant Woman's Tale to Dundalk, Derry and Armagh before joining up with another play by Csilla - Bananas, a one…

This Is Home

Come and join us for a special event to celebrate International Migrants Day hosted by Fil and Csilla Toldy on Wednesday 18th December.   With writers and singers from Germany, France, Iran, Syria, Austria, Lebanon, Australia, America, Cambodia, Hungary, Poland and…

Summer Sing Singing Workshop

Now that Festival fever is over in these parts for another year, it's time to start looking forward.  

A few things to watch out for

I'll be co presenting a singing workshop with Laura Plummer of Voices of Lecale on…

The Birds' Song Book

Delighted to announce that the children's book of Tom's song The Birds' Song is now available for sale in our shop



The launch was a huge success at Fiddlers Green Festival and we're so excited to see the reaction to…

A wee gig with John Spillane

Looking forward to singing a few songs with John Spillane in de Barras in Clonakilty this Thursday night.  

The Birds Song Book Launch

Illustrated by the wonderful Colum McEvoy, Tom's song The Birds Song, a parody about immigration, has been turned into a short book for children which will be launched at Fiddlers Green Festival on Friday 26th July at 2.30pm here in…


FairPlé: Rising Tides

Fil will be chairing a panel discussion at the Women's Work NI Festival on Saturday.  

Hosted by FairPlé, an all Ireland organisation looking at gender equality in traditional and folk music, the other panelists are singer Pauline Scanlon, agent and…