A lovely memory - scavenger photo hunt

 We're really missing being out on the road seeing people and doing what we do best.  

This time two years ago we were in Denmark for a 10 day trip staying with a dear friend where we did a series of house concerts.  


She and her family train horses for carriage races - very exciting to watch - and her house is filled with horsey things.   I had a couple of riding lessons which I loved and we got to ride on the back of a carriage being pulled by four horses racing around an arena ... great experience .   



The first grandchild of the house was born while we were there - her mother was riding horses until the afternoon she gave birth so it was no surprise to recently see the wee one, now just turned 2 years old, riding a toy rocking horse like she was a pro ... very cute.  



Joining in today with Kate's Photo Scavenger Hunt which used to be monthly but is now a weekly word challenge.   Lots of lovely people join in from around the world.  








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