Begins with W - Photo Scavenger Hunt

Joining in with Kate at I Live I Love I Craft for the now weekly photo scavenger hunt - as someone said it's good to have prompts to make us think outside the norm.   

This weeks prompt is Begins With W ... so I headed down the road of water ... I think every photo I post has that, and Wind - way too much of it and no decent photos.   But I ended up with 


When we were in Australia, in March 2016, we spent a day in Dubbo in NSW on our way from an Irish Festival in Tullamore (that is out in the back of nowhere - an experience and a half - Tullamore has a population of 150, it really is in the outback and when we woke on our first morning there 5000 people had descended in camper vans for a brilliant festival - such an experience - I can't believe I hadn't written about it).   


Anyway, I digress.   
Dubbo has a huge Wildlife Park and we had booked into it a few days beforehand.  




Neither of us have had the opportunity to go on a safari or see exotic wildlife in nature so this was the chance of a lovely experience.   



And for me there was only one animal to see and that was the giraffes.  


I don't know what it is about them - even looking at photos makes me well up.  

Unfortunately, I got a tummy bug and was violently ill for several days, ending up in hospital, - we had only just driven in when I started to feel bad.   

But .... I managed to get to feed the giraffes.   

OMG - I felt like a 5 year old - such a beautiful experience.  Their soft blue tongues and gentle touch - it made my heart sing.  



I don't particularly agree with zoos and wildlife parks, but watching David Attenborough last night, the final programme of his Perfect Planet series - the threat of so much extinction in the coming half century is mind boggling and at least these places, when they're well run, protect so many animals that wouldn't survive much longer.  These guys looked very happy.  


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