Delicious: Photo Scavenger Hunt

It's taken me nearly 12 months of this lockdown to start feeling rested enough to miss our old life.   I'm not complaining - we live in a beautiful place and don't want for anything and are getting enough work online to keep us going.   But I am really starting to miss getting out on the road, meeting people, performing live on stage and above all sampling food in the different countries we visit.  So today I'm joining in with Kate's blog for another scavenger hunt prompt - Delicious - and a wee trip around some of our journeys.   

Looking back over my photographs I'd not noticed before how big a part food plays in travelling and even in our day to day socialising.  

From the bratwurst at a stand in Germany to coffee at a terrasse cafe in France, or a beer under a heated lamp in mid winter in Holland, or Kaffee and Kuchen with friends on an afternoon off, or cake in Denmark or a really good curry in England or the best fish and chips I've ever tasted in Shetland, or even just an ice cream beside the seaside taking my mother to Bundoran.    I've not not got photos for all of these but so many of our memories are tied up with food that I can understand now why the early days of Facebook were so populated with pictures of people's dinners.   (Disclaimer here: I'm usually too busy eating to remember to photograph food, so it's not surprising most of these are of desserts when there was time to relax).  

One day when it snowed and we were stranded in England, my cousin Frances and Tom and myself spent our lay-over time until the next ferry in a fabulous restaurant near Chester.  




Browsing a market in France
A gorgeous cafe in Fife in Scotland with our good  friends Hugh and Doris
The biggest pizza I'd ever seen ... in Luxembourg with Aloyse
Mussels from the shore here. The ones closest to shore that the boats can't get at are ripe pickings, along with some sea spinach at the right time of year
A special breakfast in Germany
A gourmet meal in Denmark - wow.
The most enticing vegetable display I've ever seen in a supermarket - in Clonakilty, Co. Cork.  Only problem was you didn't want to take anything out of it to spoil all the hard work. 
Oh how I miss having a quick drink to welcome our friends to the Festival - another year will be missed sadly.  With Kanne from Denmark a few years back.
But best of all, pathetic and all as it looks, was our very first carrot that we'd grown ourselves lol.  The rest were a bit bigger than this, but it really made us laugh.   Hopefully they'll be a bit bigger this year :)

Take care of yourselves - and you can see what others have written about for this prompt HERE.

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