Hope is Contagious


Hello dear friends.   Thank you for all your new year's greetings.   I hope you've had a gentle move into 2021.  

I got a lovely card from an acquaintance in Germany who amidst a message of wishing us well and hoping we'd see each other soon said, 
COVID-19 is very contagious, especially in its new variation, but 
HOPE is also very, very contagious indeed, in all its many variants.  
What a lovely sentiment to start the new year.     
And it's been a gorgeous start here.   We've been getting out for a walk in the hills each day (new year, new decisions of course .... ) and today our bones and muscles were aching so we had a very short stroll.  
The sky kept changing and it was a wonderful way to walk into the sunset.  
I love the colours of the sky at this time of the year but haven't yet figured out how to reproduce them on camera - but it's fun trying.   





Of course as soon as I came in, the fire really started over the mountain.  


Have a good week and stay safe.   

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