Kezzie's Fancy Dress Online Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Kezzie.

I've had such fun dressing up as a character from Doctor Who for my blogging friend Kezzie's 40th fancy dress birthday party.   We're sci fi nerds in this house, and Tom particularly loves Doctor Who.  So it was an obvious one for me to choose Missy, the female version of the Master from a few series back.  Felt a bit more like Mary Poppins though lol 



I had a hard time trying to keep the stern face that Missy always wore and ended up laughing more than suitable - could do with her make up artist to finish it off too but she was a hoot to do.  Loved it.   Now I know what you get from cosplays Kezzie, which you do so brilliantly.   





Wishing you a wonderful 40th birthday.  (the 40s are good years) 


May the coming years keep you bright and wonderful- may they give you lots of adventures, some lovely surprises,  plenty of music and lots of fun.  





Thanks for a fun party :) xx







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