Look up/ Look Down

 Joining in with Kates's weekly photo scavenger hunt today.   And the prompt is

Look up / Look down


Did you see the snow moon at the start of the month - wasn't it amazing?  (no decent photos I'm afraid)

I've always wondered why we don't give the moon a name - like Luna.   All the other planets' moons are named after gods and goddesses, why not ours!   Mind you it would only be something else for people to argue about ... 

Looking down is easier to photograph....


Tulips are my most favourite flower.  Especially the curly edged ones.   I love how they look as they go from opening to fading to dying.  Last year, just as lockdown was starting, a friend brought me a beautiful bunch that were grown locally and I just couldn't stop photographing them, looking down into their beautiful insides.  


















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