Playing shop

I'm fulfilling a childhood dream today ....




My friend Belinda runs the local craft shop here in town - Good Craic Gifts.  She's Australian and has added so much to this place - the shop is a total celebration of local arts, crafts and music and a centre point for a lot of the activity that goes on around here. 

A while back, over coffee, I carelessly mentioned that I'd always wanted to have a shop - when I was younger ... So hey says she, come and sit in for me now and then...

So, today I'm shop minding - and really just catching up on some writing, reading and knitting in between visitors.   But I love this space.   It's a bit like playing doll's houses when you're in a caravan or away on holidays. 

It's blowing a gale outside at the minute and then all of a sudden the sun pops out for five minutes before the next deluge, so it's been quite quiet and I've been resising the urge to inspect every single thing in the shop lol






Have a lovely weekend and hopefully you're staying dry.  


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