The practice of buying more books than you're ever going to be able to read ...

That makes me smile ...
Love it





Recents and laying in waiting



I wrote back in October about a challenge I've set myself to read my way around the world.   So I've finally added a page that I will update as I go along to just keep a record of the countries I've visited and, time permitting, I'll add individual posts about the various books as well. So, 26 countries at the moment .... only another 170 or so to go ... According the UN list there are 195 at the moment, not including Taiwan, the Cook Islands - and probably not Scotland, England Wales and NI as individual ones either - but they're countries too ... It'll take me the rest of my life to complete, but that'll be fun. 

I've been struggling with content from a lot of places because many of the highly recommended books are based on stories of war and turmoil and displacement and there's only so much of that I can take at one time.   So I've been detouring when there are writers that intrigue me and looking for lighter options as well before diving back into more war torn areas.

But for now this is a Tsunduko Sunday - my library of books waiting to be read may never get done with .... but what a fun way to go:) 






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