Farewell To Cold Winter - Songbirds Part Two

Fil Campbell

This is another collection of beautiful Irish folk songs that were part of Fil's childhood repertoire, many of which were first recorded in the 1930s and 40s by the women singers of the day.

Irish singer songwriter Fil Campbell returned to her roots a few years ago to record the songs that she had learned as a child (on the CD and DVD Songbirds). Now in this second collection of songs, Fil includes more of the popular songs that formed the backdrop to life in Ireland in the 30s, 40s, and 50s as well as some of the more obscure songs that were sung by the women singers she profiled in the DVD Songbirds, the First Ladies of Irish Song. This recording is a further nod back to a gentler era of Irish music, the songs that were first recorded back in the early days of the recording industry by mainly women singers. Fil’s voice really suits the sentiment of these beautiful old gems, songs more suited to the parlours than the dance halls.

Fil grew up on the popular folk songs that were sung to her by her mother and grandparents - and several of the songs on this CD come from that time period. These are the songs that are an intimate part of every Irish person's DNA. She has wanted for a long time to turn the spotlight on to them - and having the added bonus of being able to turn the project into a documentary series for TV was the icing on the cake

"Other songs on this CD are ones I fell in love with as I researched and got to know the lives and works of the Songbirds ladies.

"For example, I discovered a beautiful song in my grandfather’s collection of old 78s called The Connemara Shore, which had been recorded by Jack Feeney in America in the 1930s. This started my journey into the songs of that era."

Fil tours throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe with two musicians - Brendan Emmett on mandolin and guitar and Tom McFarland on percussion and vocals. Their concerts are full of fun and bring back many memories for the audience who, in the best traditions of folksy ceilidhs, get many opportunities to join in. She also occasionally tours in the US, either solo or with her percussionist husband.

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