St Brigid's Day

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The blessings of Brigid to you today on this first day of Spring - it's Imbolc.   I still haven't got a new Brigid's Cross for this year but hopefully someone today will give me one.

If you're interested in the old traditions, here's a lovely piece from RTE about St Brigid and the Coming of Spring which is still a very important day here. 

And a mention to the Brigid of Faughart Festival across the lough from here in Co. Louth - which is always very thoughtfully curated.   Faughart outside Dundalk is one of the main shrines to Brigid  on the island - they celebrate her both as Goddess and Saint.

Back to the more mundane - when a technical company tells you that it'll only take a couple of clicks of a button to do something I should know by now that their definition of a couple is way way way off the mark!!

We've had our website hosted by an American music company for many years - one who also helps us put our music on iTunes and lots of other pfaffy things that I try mostly to ignore.   But they have been emalgamated into another company and we were assured of a very quick and smooth transition.   To be fair they did give us a good bit of warning but life got in the way of business there for the past few months.

And the couple of clicks???   2 weeks!

So anyway we're up and running by the deadline of this Friday - we've made some changes with more to come -have a look and see what you think. 


Now back to rehearsing today for a new run of The Emigrant Woman's Tale





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