Photo Scavenger Hunt: Chocolate

Desserts to finish a festival

The photo scavenger hunt has a new host this week - Astrid at Dragon Stitches and Stuff has taken over the reins from Kate who hosted it for the past 5 years.   Thank you Kate and hello Astrid :)

And the first prompt for April is 


Now I have a problem with this one because I don't actually like chocolate.   I used to - in fact I lived on it in my younger days, but I became ill several years ago and it was chocolate and champagne on a birthday treat that made me really sick and I've associated the two with that since.  I persevered with it for several months - trust me, I wasn't about to let that one go, but nope ...  I never liked chocolate cake or brownies -  coffee cake was always my preference even as a child.   So why am I always struggling with my weight I ask myself.   

Anyway, this lovely looking dessert was at a meal to wind down from Fiddlers Green Festival a few years back with some of our friends from abroad.   Sadly it looks like the festival won't happen again this year but things are definitely looking up and next year the celebrations will be fierce.  

The sun is shining here, we've had a glorious couple of days and we've been back in the studio gently working on songs, in between doing some tidying jobs in the garden and trying to keep up with whatever Monty Don tells us needs doing lol.  Even managed a socially distanced barbecue for a friend's birthday and it was a treat - just 3 of us, but it was excellent.  

Lovely to see the yellow on the broom

Happy Easter to you all.   Take care of yourself and stay safe. 
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