Happy Tuesday


Just popping in for a quick mid week hello.   Thank you so much for your lovely comments on last Friday's photo scavenger hunt pics.   It has been a great constant all winter when there wasn't so much to blog about. 

We're working on new songs at the minute, getting ready to put a collection together , and we're spending a couple of hours every morning in the studio.   But once the heat gets into the day it has been brilliant to be outside.   It's good to have a few things to focus on (in between tv, knitting and books lol).   I've given myself permission to take a break from teaching and from running my choir for a few months - zoom was getting to me and I must confess my creativity has jumped in the past few weeks since stopping everything.  

Spring is blooming everywhere and our lawn is full of old fashioned flowers - a great excuse not to mow:)

The bluebells are just starting to show and they look really healthy this year and have spread all over the place

We've been cutting out dead branches and clearing an area for a small starter greenhouse at the back.   After being at home all spring last year for the first time ever at this house (in 18 years) we made a bit of a start at growing veg and more flowers and this year now we're getting more enthusiastic.  Our shops are still not open but the garden centres are and are mobbed of course - everybody is dying to get out and spend some money lol. But I have to wait for the greenhouse until the shops open.   Meanwhile it's more cutting, digging and preparing.  

Have a great week - take care and enjoy yourself.   Until the next time xx

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