The Colour Purple

 Just a selection of photos today to link with Astrid's Photo Scavenger Hunt with the subject

The Colour Purple

And apart from the fact that it is the title of one of my all time favourite books, it is also one of my favourite colours.  

While not technically purple, the bluebells at the bottom of our garden are just starting to bloom and in this picture they look purple.  We'll be heading up to the bluebell wood shortly - they are divine.   I love this time of year.

I also love getting a chance to see the beach huts along the South East coast of England  - we were waiting to board the ferry at Harwich and enjoying fish and chips along the beach when we spotted these - several purple ones in the midst of the others.  I always want to know who owns them and what they do there - apart from obviously turning up in murder mysteries :)

My Easter flowers are just starting to fade

Such an unusual shade for a tulip

This bridge is in the north of Germany 
across the Rhine - 
I thought it was spectacular lit up in purple

My friend Doris in Scotland loves purple - she is rarely to be seen wearing anything except it or turquoise when she is on stage.  I loved these hydrangeas in her house a few years ago.

And finally my friend Belinda has had her shop painted this week, ready for opening up again at the end of the month.  And you guessed it .... it's purple!  She's Australian lol.  And it will be covered in murals and quotes from Rostrevor Poetic Action which has signs all over the town.   I'll show you an update when that's finished.   Her shop is called Good Craic Gifts and Souvenirs and showcases local artists with lots of handmade stuff and a small art gallery.  


I'm joining in today with Astrid for the weekly Scavenger Photo Hunt.  You can go directly to the link to check out the other photos HERE.  

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