Photo Scavenger Hunt January 2021 

Good frosty morning to you - the sun is shining and we're in a wintry wonderland, but no snow yet and it's starting to warm up.  

So I'm joining in today with Kate's Scavenger Hunt - a wee bit different this month from last year in that we have one prompt per week.   

I love gifts - both giving and receiving.   And oftentimes I'll end up keeping the box or the wrapping paper for years afterwards, vicariously enjoying presents that have long disappeared.  











Tom and I usually buy necessities for each other at Christmas time and for birthdays - things we need but won't get around to buying for ourselves ... but this year I had a special wish - (well two actually, but the paints are already a mess and not to be shown lol ) this beautiful Mbira or Kalimba.  It's an African instrument or rather the Western version of a traditional instrument - and I love it.   It arrived for my birthday which was also the day mum went into hospital and, well , things have been a bit pear shaped since so I've hardly touched it.  One of these days I'll let you hear how it sounds with me playing but I've a bit of practice to do yet!

And a a few weeks back when I wasn't feeling so good a friend came around with an Amaryllis plant which just today burst into bloom.   I was expecting a red but instead it's this beautiful pale pink colour  ... Just gorgeous.  





Thank you Kate for keeping this Scavenger Hunt going - I'm heading now to have a look at what everyone else has put in for this prompt.  


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